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Terms of sale

Thank you for your interest in our fresh and tasty Matzahs from all over the world!

All of our Matzahs have a list price but we often offer great discounts for distributors, groceries, Shuls, Yeshivas, Shluchim, hotels, Pesach programs, bulk orders and individuals.

Our discounted rates depend on 2 conditions, “no fee” payment methods and early payment.

“No fee payments”

The following are some payment methods where we incur an additional fee: Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Cash App. If you pay with one of these payment methods we cannot offer you your full discounted rate and we will pass on our 3% expense to your total bill.

The following are some payment methods where we do not incur any additional fee: Bank transfer, ClearXchange transfer, Wire transfer, US check and Cash.

“Early payments”

With the high cost of a business line of credit, we unfortunately cannot offer credit terms. If you do not pay your bill on time, we can no longer offer you an “early payment” discounted rate.

Here is an example: if the list price on our Tiferes Matzah is $30.00, and we discount it to $25.00.

If you purchase them with a credit card, your cost will be $25.75 (plus 3%).

If you do not pay for them on time, your cost will be $30.00 (list price).

More fine print

Shipping and handling may cause breakage, we do not guarantee whole Matzahs.

All sales are final, no returns and no exchanges.